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Taken Aback

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Taken Aback Book CoverREVIEWS:

Feb. 2014 - "Saved your book, Taken Aback, to read on holiday in Thailand. WOW what a fantastic read, I couldn't put it down. A history lesson, fascinating and believable characters, debate on morals, a love story and a cracking adventure all rolled into one incredibly good read."

Dec. 2013 - " The late seventeenth century was the era in Britain when naval power, science, and the blossoming of engineering conspired to herald the age of empire and the creation of unprecedented wealth, at least for a few. A significant number of those fortunes were made in the Caribbean and the new colonies of America from sugar, tobacco and chocolate. These quickly became essential commodities catering to the broadening of European tastes for luxury and the exotic. Into the melting pot of national rivalries for Caribbean colonies was also the allure of treasure. Gold and high value wares were a potent magnet for investors, traders, adventurers, entrepreneurs, crooks, rascals, swindlers, whores, and pirates from the highest to the lowest echelons of society. So many stories of this era focuses on the romantic and violent notion of pirating, told through the eyes of the pirates themselves or those chasing them. However, Taken Aback centers on the story of two children caught up in the volatile and sweaty tropical mix of the Caribbean in the late sixteen hundreds. It is a novel of great sensitivity and reality. Brilliantly researched, Deborah Tuite has woven her story around ordinary people and their trades and businesses - their challenges, joys and disasters as they try to survive and thrive in an anarchic frontier of lawlessness, struggling against the vicissitudes of tropical pests and diseases, storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The book is a great read, which sets intimate characters and twisting plots against the backdrop of a turbulent part of our history with a detail and intensity that is rare and compelling."

Nov. 2013 - "I finished Taken Aback yesterday in Washington, DC. I read it in less than 3 days and couldn't put it down. I loved it! Starting the book with the definition of the title was cool. I enjoyed how all the major players developed and all the interaction between them played out (not always the way I expected) , specifically the strong women, Sally and Jaclyn, and the strong men Edward and James, and Barnaby and Twiggy. I felt I was in the story. The description of how indigo, sugar cane and whales are processed was very interesting. I’m looking forward to another book!"

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