About the Author

Author Deborah TuiteDeborah Tuite was born in 1950 and grew up in America. She studied biology before serving in Peace Corps in Africa. She met her British husband in Kenya and returned with him to England. After the birth of their second child the family moved to America where Deborah enjoyed a varied career in field biology, healthcare, and teaching. She did a Master's degree in education and taught science until becoming a full time writer in 2012. During the holidays, Deborah and the boys accompanied her husband on his conservation adventures in East Africa, Congo, and the Caribbean. Today she and her husband live along the Avon River in Wiltshire, England. When she was eight, Deborah wrote her first historical story in pencil on a school tablet. Her family and career kept her busy throughout her life, but she continued to write short stories, plays, and science-related articles. While living in Cape Cod, she won two writing awards for her short stories. In 2007, she took time off from teaching to be the lead writer for a National Geographic education project. Taken Aback, released in 2013, is Deborah’s first novel.